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As usual, with Christmas around the corner, there are a mesmerizing amount of exciting and crazy toys just appearing onto the market. As always we’re expecting the usual Christmas rush and stocking problems, this year there are loads of cool games that you’re likely to be able to pick up one of them. Whether you like the LeapPad from LeapFrog, or the Kidizoom Twist digital camera, we’re certain you’ll be able to grab something fun for your children this year. So what’s our pick for the most exciting toy this year? So we know you’re keen to know what we think is the top toy of the year! Check out our Air Swimmers review to find out.

In 2011, we’re all about the Air Swimmers Shark. You’re likely familiar with remote controlled RC Blimps. If you haven’t, they’re kind of like a big inflatable balloon that flys around the air using a remote control. Some ingenious inventor has just made this simple toy a lot more exciting. Rather than plain old blimp, an Air Swimmer takes the form a shark which bears a remarkable similarity to the Great White from the Jaws movies. You’re never going to make you dad jump out of his skin with an inflatable blimp, but zooming this mean looking shark into the room while he’s taking in his morning paper might just do to trick! Cats certainly can’t cope with them!

What makes the Air Swimmers Shark so flipping brilliant is the way their tail fin moves realistically in the air, moving it in which ever direction you want. This makes the movement of the shark through the room so lifelike that you’d be forgiven for freaking out that a real life fish had begun to fly and invited itself into your living room for Christmas pudding! It’s this realistic movement that is bound to have kids eating these up for breakfast, and we must admit we couldn’t wait to get our grubby little hands on one either!

The thing that gets Air Swimmers flying is ordinary common or garden helium, which is sold from any party shop. You can pick up a canister of helium for around less than £20 from most local party shop, or any shop that sells party balloons. Don’t worry though, Air Swimmers are a lot stronger than an ordinary balloon. In fact, they’re made out a hard wearing nylon material. What this means is that you can safely bump it off the walls or furniture without worrying any damage to your belonging, or to the shark. This also means that each Air Swimmer can be filled up over and over again, and swum around your home to your pleasure.

Air Swimmers have been predicted to have great sales figures this Christmas, by Toys R Us. They were so impressed with them in fact, that Air Swimmers have been named number two in their annual list of top ten games for Xmas 2011. Pretty good going for a newbie!

Because of this, what this means is that Air Swimmers have gotten a massive amount of media coverage. The official promotional video had raked in over 4 million hits the last time we checked, and that number is growing. It’ll be a sprint to grab up the Air Swimmers that are in stock, so purchase as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. You can pick up Air Swimmers from Amazon, Toys R Us, The Natural, Gadget Shop, and almost twenty big name high street stores throughout the Britain. You can also remember to browse on eBay additionally if you’re having problems to find stock anywhere else; you may need to pay a small bit extra but you can be 100% guaranteed of getting your Air Swimmers in time for Xmas from there.

Happy Flying everybody!